We are a family run small business, and we take great pride in the quality of service that we provide. We are an honest, punctual, and hard-working team, and we are more than certain that you will be beyond satisfied with our performance.  

Our Story

Carl and Stacey met in college in 2005 at the University of Texas in San Antonio, where we quickly began working together mowing lawns and developed a great reputation.  However, in 2008 we decided that life was too short and moving way too fast to not have at least 1 great adventure.  So with that, we decided to sell everything and move to Kona, Hawaii, with whom we quickly fell in love (who wouldn't?) and were fortunate enough to call home for 8 splendid years.

While in Hawaii Stacey obtained a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine, and Carl became a USCG Licensed Captain.  Carl also worked on the side for an irrigation company, which he eventually ended up purchasing and operating for 5 years.  

Along the way we welcomed a new member to the family, Noah, who brightened and changed our lives in more ways than we ever imagined.  We lived together in Hawaii for 3 years as a family, but eventually the distance from home became too great, sparking our return to Texas.

Now back in the Texas Hill Country with our families, we are happier than ever, and we are looking forward to forging new relationships and building a thriving business.



As you can tell if you scrolled through the photos, we are nature lovers.  We spend as much time as we can outdoors, and luckily for us our son Noah seems to enjoy gardening, fishing, and nature just as much as we do.  We are also conservationists and naturalists, and this aspect of ourselves manifests in the work we perform.